Enjoy $3,000   in free Azure Stack consumption 

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Start consuming on SALT’s Azure Stack in the Cayman Islands or Bermuda between May 1 – June 30 and receive up to $3,000 in free consumption during your first 3 months.

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Value: Up to $3,000 USD in SALT Azure Stack Consumption Credit


Eligibility Period: May 1 – June 30, 2020


Consumption Period: 3 months from sign-up date

Consumption Credit: Up to $3,000 USD to be applied against all SALT Azure Stack Resource Consumption (ASRC) during the 3-month Consumption Period

This is for ASRC only, meaning it cannot be applied to licensing, professional services, or any other non-ASRC items.


Azure Stack Locations Available: Cayman Islands and Bermuda


Available only to new SALT Azure Stack tenants. Valid only for SALT Azure Stack Resource Consumption (ASRC) in the Cayman Islands or Bermuda, not valid for Azure Public cloud.

No contracts or

term commitments required

 The "Fine" Print

The customer will not be charged for Azure Stack Resource Consumption (ASRC) until either ASRC exceeds $3,000 USD or the 3-month Consumption Period ends, whichever comes first. If ASRC exceeds $3,000 USD prior to 3-months, the client will be billed for the excess consumption and any further ASRC during the standard monthly billing cycle. If the 3-month Consumption Period ends before the maximum ASRC of $3,000 is reached, the remaining Consumption Credit will be forfeited, and standard consumption rates will apply for any further ASRC and be billed during the standard monthly billing cycle.


Shared Responsibility

Why Use

Azure Stack?

Azure Stack is an extension of the Azure platform.

It brings the agility and innovation of cloud computing to on-premises environments. Organizations can build modern applications across hybrid cloud environments with the right flexibility and control.

Edge and disconnected solutions. Address latency and connectivity requirements by processing data locally in Azure Stack Hub and then aggregating it in Azure for further analytics, with common app logic across both. You can even deploy Azure Stack Hub disconnected from the internet without connectivity to Azure. Think of factory floors, cruise ships, and mine shafts as examples.


Cloud apps that meet varied regulations. Develop and deploy apps in Azure with full flexibility to deploy on-premises with Azure Stack Hub to meet regulatory or policy requirements. No code changes are needed. App examples include global audit, financial reporting, foreign exchange trading, online gaming, and expense reporting.


Cloud app model on-premises. Use Azure services, containers, serverless, and microservice architectures to update and extend existing apps or build new ones. Use consistent DevOps processes across Azure in the cloud and Azure Stack Hub on-premises to speed up app modernization for core mission-critical apps.

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